Tripod's Compostable and Biodegradable Capsules in the Australian Financial Review

Former Australian cricketer Ed Cowan has taken a different tack to the big producers when it comes to reducing the environmental impact of coffee capsules - his local coffee company has a compostable and biodegradable pod.

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Australia's new sustainable pod startup taking on Nespresso

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Run by two former Aussie cricketers. Really.

Two professional Aussie cricketers sporting an insatiable love of coffee start their own coffee pod company. Boom. It's true, meet Tripod Coffee. Cricketers Steve Cazzulino and Ed Cowan were perpetually on the road playing state cricket, and brought along a Nespresso machine with them for much-needed cups of coffee in the morning before matches. Seeking a local, sustainable alternative to the George Clooney-fronted pod giant proved difficult, so the pair saw a glimmering niche in the coffee-obsessed Aussie market.

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Guava Pass and Tripod Coffee

Thank Guava Pass for the shout out! We offer customised coffee solutions for gyms, fitness centres, spas and small businesses alike. Contact today to find out how you can get a free machine* for your business.

GuavaPass is the largest social community of premium fitness studios and healthy-living experts in Asia. A GuavaPass monthly membership gives access to search, book and enjoy unlimited fitness classes at the top studio and healthy living perks across Asia.

*Terms and Conditions apply

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Honeycombers Singapore loves Tripod Coffee! recently tried and loved Tripod Coffee Singapore! So much so, that we are the coffee of choice at Honeycombers HQ, to fuel creativity, and meet demanding deadlines.

Tripod offers customised solutions for offices and small businesses, whether you already have a Nespresso® machine, or not (yes we have a FREE machine program!). Contact to find out more about Tripod Coffee for your office.

Check out what Honeycombers had to say about us:
(please note the giveaway is already finished).

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Tripod Coffee - Now served in Australia's best hotels and resorts

In a short list of Australia’s best hotels and luxury resorts compiled by, you will find Tripod Coffee served in-room at 7 of these extraordinary locations. We can't wait to head back to Oz and visit some of these amazing properties!

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